Anadrol For Sale

Anadrol is the branding for oxymetholone, a man-made anabolic steroid. The steroid is used for stimulating muscle growth, and also treating a range of medical/health conditions, which includes osteoporosis and anemia. Syntex Pharmaceuticals developed the steroid in 1960, with Alaven Pharmaceuticals LLC trademarking the drug. In the beginning, the steroid was used for promoting bone growth, a process for helping stem osteoporosis effects and curtail certain dwarfism forms.


Usage and Cycling

Contradicting the drug’s original purpose, anadrol 50 is commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase their body mass, despite the usage not being FDA-sanctioned. The anadrol steroid mimics the function of testosterone, a hormone responsible for male physical characteristics development, such as male sexual organ, bone mass and facial hair growth.

Anadrol pills or anadrol tablets don’t function as base steroids; it, in fact, is a secondary steroid, which could be appended to a complete stack. People who buy anadrol online when there’s anadrol for sale and use the anadrol steroids would see rapid gains, but the results won’t last longer if the cycle didn’t comprise a base steroid such as nandrolone, trenbolone or testosterone.

Mid-cycle is another ideal period or reason why you should buy anadrol and use the drug. During a cycle, there would be a point where the results would plateau out. In other words, the progress and gains would slow down or come to a complete halt. During this phase, it’s important to experiment with the diet or training, or add another anabolic agent to the mix. Mid-cycle anadrol usage would result in the gains continuing further. Though the gains won’t be similar to the results seen at the beginning of the cycle, there would be some progress or the other.


The medicine should be taken orally as per doctor directions. It could be administered with milk or food in case of any stomach upset. Regularly use the medication for deriving the maximum benefits. Dosage depends on an individual’s medical condition and also therapy response. The dose levels or frequency shouldn’t be increased without the doctor’s approval as that could increase side effects risks. To notice any benefits from the medication, it may take around three to six months.

Positive Effects

The medication is primarily used for treating decreased RBC (red blood cell) count. The drug works by proliferating the erythropoietin hormone count in the body, thereby assisting with red blood cell production. As aforementioned, the drug helps with muscle growth stimulation. As a result, the medicine is often used by doctors to treat malnourished patients or individuals having underdeveloped muscles.

Thanks to the drug’s fact-acting abilities, an athlete would generally use this drug before the off-season or mass-gaining phase. Commonly called kick-starting, this approach produces rapid increases while the injectable slower steroids keep accumulating in the system.

Side Effects

Similar to other anabolic steroids, adrol 50 or adrol also has its share of side effects. Administering adrol pills for a short time period could cause acne, bloating and diarrhea. Structurally, the drug is similar to testosterone. Therefore, masculinizing effects such as voice deepening, testicle size variations, and issues with erections are also possible. It may also cause rapid weight increase, which for malnourished individuals and bodybuilders is a desired and expected side effect.

Long-term effects aren’t well established. The drug affects the liver the most, which is understandable since the liver is entrusted with the job of breaking down medications that have entered the body. Some studies indicate extended anadrol use could lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis. Thanks to the serious or perhaps life-endangering side effect probabilities, the drug shouldn’t be administered with the intent to enhance physical appearance or athletic performance.


Your pharmacist or doctor would know how anadrol would possibly interact with other drugs and therefore keep you under monitoring throughout the usage period. Before taking anadrol, it’s vital you let your doctor know of all nonprescription and prescription drugs or herbal products you may be using. Anadrol pills can affect certain lab test results also. Therefore, ensure your doctors and laboratory personnel know you’re using this drug.