Are Anabolics Illegal

There is a pair of huge stigmas surrounding steroids that are simply blown way out of proportion, they are that steroids are addictive and that it is illegal to actually use steroids. In this piece here, we will not be talking about the potential of being addicted to steroids, but whether or not it is actually illegal to be using steroids. So, without any further interruption, let us bust some myths about steroids and once again that myth is…are steroids illegal to use? This is a very gray area because in some parts of the world, it is actually illegal to use steroids, while in other parts of the world, there is no issues with using steroids at all. To break this down a little more, we will be doing our best to break things down by location as much as possible to avoid any potential confusion.

If you are somebody who lives in the United States or the country of Romania, it is legal to use steroids, but with a key catch. That key catch is that it is legal to use steroids only if you get them from a licensed pharmacist, but first you must actually get a valid and verified prescription from a licensed medical professional, such as a doctor. Now if you live in the countries of Mexico, Indonesia and Russia, you can obtain steroids without a doctors prescription or by even visiting an actual pharmacy. If you live in one of the three countries that I just mentioned, you could walk up to anybody selling steroids anywhere and simply buy them with no legal ramifications of any kind.

Laws will be a little confusing if you live in Turkey for example, because in that country, you can own and use steroids without any form of legal issues. However, in Turkey, you will face a host of legal situations of you are somebody who is caught selling steroids without a valid license to do so. For any other countries we did not discuss above, you are best to ask around and do whatever research you can on other countries laws when it comes to steroids. We will now change the perspective a little bit to take a different look at the potentially illegal side of steroid use and that is what kind of laws there are against professional athletes that use the stuff.

The majority of professional sports leagues around the world (NFL, MLB, NHL, MMA, FIFA, ETC.) all ban steroids and test for them regularly. The same exact thing can be said about the Olympics (summer and winter) and amateur sports leagues (NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, ETC.) all ban steroids and test for them daily as well. There are very few, if actually any sports leagues at all, that will allows steroid usage to occur within the sport. Let us now move onto another huge aspect of the legalities of steroid usage and that is what kind of penalties can be given to those who use steroids. The first place we will be taking a look at is the good old United States, which will fine a person who has illegally obtained steroids a total of $1,000 and they could face up to a year of prison time.

If you are somebody who is caught trying to sell steroids to somebody, you can face up to seven years in prison, that law and prison time in something that many different countries use. Now, let us say you take a trip to a country where it is legal to purchase and own steroids without any legal ramifications and you bring them to a country where both of those things are illegal, you will be heading to prison, but the times will vary because each country has there own rules when it comes to that scenario. To best check out what potential charges you may be facing when it comes to steroids, you must check out the steroid laws for each potential country. There is nothing wrong with using steroids to gain the perfect body, as long as you follow each countries laws regarding steroids, so just be a smart person and do the research, because it is a lot harder to build the perfect body in an imperfect prison.