Gmac Bowl & Prohormones

What Are Prohormones And Are They Legal?

Prohormones are used to increase muscle mass and to gain more strength and endurance. They are popular because they are milder than anabolic steroids and they are not always as strictly regulated. They are also popular because they are more affordable than many other bodybuilding supplements.

What Are They Used For?

Body builders and athletes use prohormone injections or pills to boost the growth of muscle tissue, to get stronger, and to improve their endurance when training. Although they have a reputation as being milder than steroids, they have similar effects on the body.

Even though the name is pro-hormone, they are not normal hormones. They are chemical compounds that stimulate the function of those hormones that are naturally found in the body, such as testosterone. When you take testosterone prohormone supplements, the supplement is boosting the amount and effect of testosterone in your body, leading to similar results as steroids.

While steroids are usually illegal in most countries, prohormones for sale are not always as strictly regulated and they are often easier for bodybuilders and athletes to buy. In some countries you can even find mild versions of these supplements in shops.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Prohormones increase testosterone production in the body and lead to more strength, more muscle mass, a better athletic performance, more athletic endurance and a shorter recovery time after a workout. Because they boost the body’s testosterone levels, they also lead to physical changes such as increasing growth of facial hair and a hoarse voice in both men and women. Women who take these supplements will start to show more male characteristics.

Like anabolic steroids they also have unfortunate and even dangerous side effects. Many body builders try to avoid these side effects by changing their dosage or taking their pills or injections in short cycles. Side effects can include acne, hair loss, nausea and dizziness, raised blood pressure, prostate problems and even liver damage.

Prohormones are a milder version of steroids and they are sometimes easier to buy online, whereas anabolic steroids are usually only available with a doctors prescription. Many prohormone supplements are illegal, but there are some that are technically legal because of loopholes in legislation. Many body builders and athletes have turned to prohormones because they are less regulated, but they have an effect that is similar to anabolic steroids. In recent years, however, many countries have started to regulate bodybuilding supplement sales more strictly.