Best Steroid Stacks

Steroid use leads to performance enhancement which can be used to achieve a wide variety of results. It is important for one to decide what he or she wants to achieve before starting a steroid cycle. Some of the goals include increasing weight for a body builder, gaining lean mass or strength for athletes and reducing body fat among other things. It is impossible for one to cut fat and increase weight at the same time. Therefore, it is important for one to choose his or her priorities carefully.

Steroid Stack

Selecting Steroids

Choosing the right steroid stack is important when formulating the best steroid cycles. One should keep his or her cycle as simple as possible. For beginners, the first steroids cycles should comprise of testosterone only. Since testosterone is produced in the body, the side effects are fewer than those that come as a result of taking anabolic steroids such as oxymetholone.

There are different types of testosterone that one can use during the initial steroid cycle. Some of them include testosterone propionate, testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate among many others. The composition is more or less the same regardless of the type, with the only difference being the number of carbon atoms in the ester chain. The higher the number of carbon atoms in the chain, the more soluble the testosterone variant is, in oil. The solubility will affect the way the compound is delivered into the blood stream.


Landing on the best steroids cycle in the beginning is not easy. The first few steroid cycles are usually learning curves. They help one to explore and gauge how his or her body reacts to hormones.

Despite having the best steroid stack, it is important for one to put some consideration into the type of training and nutrition that he or she needs to achieve his or her goals. Taking steroids without maintain a proper diet and doing the right exercise leads to disappointment. Therefore, it is important to train properly and eat well.

The training regimen should include both muscle building exercises and strength training. A good example of strength training exercises include squats, bench presses and deadlifts. For muscle gain, one should do not less than eight sets of each exercises using lighter weights including pushups, bicep curls among many other exercises that increase muscle size.

For steroids to work, one needs to provide the body with plenty of protein. Foods such as meat, cheese, milk, eggs and yoghurt are good sources of protein. Fiber is also important, since it improves digestion and prevents constipation.

Steroid Stacks and Dosage

Dosage is a very important factor to consider when coming up with the best steroid stacks. This is because, it determines the benefits one receives from the best steroid cycle. The intake needs to be above therapeutic dose, to support muscle growth. The therapeutic dose of testosterone is 100mg in a week. Therefore, to see positive results, one has to increase the dosage to 250mg or 500mg depending on his or her steroid stack, diet plan and training.