Methandrostenolone or otherwise known as Dianabol is the best known and highly preferred steroid in the body building quarters. Its fame and wide use warrants for an in-depth review of this great anabolic steroid. Therefore if you are about to buy Methandrostenolone, this review will shed more light into this steroid.

For a very long time, steroids have been misunderstood with many people only talking about their negative effects. Though it is true that most of this bodybuilding and performance enhancing substances can adversely affect your body, it is important to remember that these effects depend on the usage and the nature of the steroid. Therefore, before jumping into conclusions and misjudging a steroid, it is important to get all facts about it. We will start by reviewing its benefits.

Benefits of Methandrostenolone

A gain in Muscle Mass: Methandrostenolone promotes great gain in muscle mass. Most of the people who have used it confess that they experience gains in body weight of up to 20lbs. What makes this gain impressive is that it is experienced in a mere week! Though this weight also includes water, a good portion of it is lean mass.

A gain in Muscle and Body Strength: Another benefit of using Methandrostenolone is an increase in strength. Most of its users claim that they experienced a great increase in body weight and that they experienced this in record time.

A boost in Metabolic Activity: It requires the conversion of lean tissue to muscles for one to gain muscle mass. Consuming plenty of calories can increase the quantity of lean tissue but can also lead to the gain of a lot of fat. Methandrostenolone boosts metabolic activities that result in the burning of extra calories thus keeping fat at bay.

Preserves Lean Tissue: By assisting in the retention of nitrogen and thus the synthesis of protein, Methandrostenolone protects against the destruction of lean tissue. Destruction of this tissue occurs as a result of heavy training. Therefore, with this steroid, you will be able to gain mass easily and in a short time.

Faster Recovery Time: Methandrostenolone enables faster healing and recovery time. In turn, the user is able to recover faster from heavy exercise and also rest better.

Side Effects

Most drugs have negative side effects to the body. The same is true with Methandrostenolone. Being an anabolic steroid, it is hard for the liver to completely break it down. With prolonged use, you may develop certain health conditions that are associated with toxicity. Major effects to your health caused by this steroid include:

– High Blood Pressure
– Testicular Atrophy
– Gynecomastia
Testosterone suppression
– High LDL Cholesterol
– Low HDL Cholesterol
– Water Retention

The first and easiest way to prevent these adverse effects is reducing the dosage and period of usage of this steroid. Also, you should stack Methandrostenolone with a product that contains aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase inhibitor inhibits the buildup of estrogen, which is a female sex hormone whose high levels in the male body causes Gynecomastia and testosterone suppression.

Though there are adverse effects associated with the use of Methandrostenolone, practicing moderation while using it can help you avoid them. With the great results experienced by those who have used it, it will not be a bad idea for you to get Methandrostenolone for sale or for your personal use.