Parabolan, also known as Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate is the most popular Trenbolone compound on the market and was first developed and released to the market in the distant 1967. This is also the first and only Trenbolone hormone that exists in a grade human form. This is done by making structural changes to the Nandrolone, which is also one of the main hormones in the formula of the popular Deca Durabolin. The changes are in fact, two double bonds added at position 9 and 11, which results in a vast increase in androgen binding affinity and even further slows down the metabolism of the ester-based hormone. All this explains why this anabolic steroid is not really recommended for beginners.

Because of the ester in the structure, Parabolan has a half-life time of 2 weeks, which also means that the steroid will take longer time to clean itself from your body. However, this also means that its initial release in your boy will be done slowly as your body will have to work to break the strong ester bonds.

Parabolan is in its essence an extremely versatile and strong anabolic steroid, that can be used for any bodybuilding need, thanks to its potency and lower amount of dosage requirement. According to the national anabolic strength levels, it is 5 times stronger than Testosterone which explains why it works perfectly for bulking or strength gaining. Another of its advantages is the fact that it can’t be aromatized into Estrogen i.e it doesn’t add any water retention or bloating or any other Estrogen related side effects like the ones caused by Dianabol for example.

Another usage of Parabolan is pre-contest cycles of professional bodybuilders, among whom this product is also known with the nickname ‘Nectar of the Gods’. It is also great way to increase the effectiveness of your weight loss, as long as there is calorie deficit in your daily meals and thanks to its strongly androgenic nature it also helps in forming and hardening of the muscles, creating the so highly desired 3D look of your muscles, provided you have low enough body fat to actually see it). The Parabolan will also vastly increase your rate of recovery after hard workouts, which means that you won’t tire as easy and recover way faster. An additional increase of strength is noticed in most of its users, even whenever cutting and reducing the calorie intake.

Sadly the Parabolan is not the most side-effect friendly steroid that you can buy online, although too often the levels of that were blown way out of proportion which a common occurrence and strategy of anti-steroid community. Some of the most common side effects are the gynecomastia, depending on your level of sensitivity. This is quite a rare occurrence but it is still possible. Thanks to its androgenic nature it can also lead to side effects caused by that, like acne or increased body hair growth. However, this is not recommended to bodybuilders who suffer from cholesterol as this steroid can have negative effects on it which can lead to increased blood pressure. This can be solved by eating more healthy, cholesterol friendly food. A common way to see how you will respond to this steroid is to use Trenbolone Acetate as if any negative effects appear you can easily stop using it and all effects will disappear in a few days.

The biggest negative point is that it s hard to find, as it is not exactly beginner friendly while being sought after more experienced bodybuilders and if you find any gyms having in stock Parabolan for sale will have insane margins. The easiest and most available way to buy Parabolan is by buying it online. To recap, Parabolan is definitely one of the best anabolic steroids available with the only one being able to surpass is the Trenbolone Acetate, but both are based on Trenbolone hormone. However when it comes to high-quality off-season training cycles, rotating it together with Deca Durabolin is the most effective stack available on the market.