Steroid Cutting Cycle

Everything You Wanted To Know About Cutting Cycles

Losing weight for bodybuilders is just as critical as gaining weight. This means they have to lose fat and gain muscle mass. This is critically important to having a lean and well defined muscular body. When they burn fat, they lose fat cells present in and around muscle groups as well. This then results in a well-defined and beautifully outlined muscle group that can be displayed by a competing athlete or bodybuilder. But how do you make sure that you lose fat and gain only muscle mass? This is where a cutting cycle or different cutting cycles are used by body builders to ensure fat loss and muscle gain. For a novice bodybuilder this may be a little confusing. You may not know how it works and finding the best steroid cutting cycles or the single-most effective and best steroid cutting cycle is confusing. We do recommend that you read as many websites as possible to get information on how steroid cutting cycles work. Once you have basic information on cycles, you can then pick and choose the right steroid cutting stack for your particular needs.

Nonetheless, we do have a few special tips that should get you started you on the right path. So here goes.

Cutting Stack


Tip #1 – Novices Can Start With a Single Steroid Like Testosterone.

This is the best cutting stack possible for almost all men as testosterone is a hormone that is normally found in the male body. As a result, the body can tolerate extra amounts of this hormone. Testosterone cutting stacks can also be repeated as many times as possible, provided you follow the dosing and post cycle therapy requirements correctly. Most users recommend using about 2 bottles of 10ml testosterone enanthate or cypionate for your first cycle. These formulas are also simpler to use and inject into the body. These two injectable brands are also the most commonly used steroid medications on the market and they are less likely to be faked. You can start with 2ccs to be given once a week for 10 weeks. This can then be increased if required. You will not see any results in the first two weeks. However, after two weeks, you will see results in the form of increased endurance, increased muscle mass, more strength, etc. You may also see some side effects but this depends on the individual. You should take PCT or post-cycle therapy consisting of medications like Nolvadex which will protect your liver and your body.

Tip #2 – Keep Your Steroid Cutting Cycle Short

This is important to maintaining your overall health. You should know that when you take an outside source of hormone. The human body stops producing its own hormone. For example, when you take exogenous testosterone, the human body stops producing testosterone. As a result, you have to gradually increase the dose of your cutting cycle and them taper it off. As you increase the outside hormone, the body gradually stops making its own hormone. When you taper the dose down again, the body detects the lowering of hormone blood levels. It then starts increasing internal production of hormone to regulate blood hormone levels. This is called homeostasis or balance. Even after you have stopped taking outside hormones, your body will still require anywhere from two weeks to three weeks to stabilize its own internal hormone production. As a result, try to limit even the best cutting stacks to to just two weeks. You should also give a two to three week gap between even the best best steroid cutting stack.

Tip #3 – Use the Lowest Effective Dose of Any Steroid

This may seem contrary to any information you read online. Almost everyone will tell you to go big and to use the most amount possible but this is not recommended. Start with the lowest possible dose of the steroid you are using and then increase it gradually till you start having results. Remember, that the human body produces only about 50-60mg of hormone per week. That means you can start with about 70mg of any steroid per week which will be more than average. This can then be incrementally increased until you start having effects.

Tip #4 – Eat Well

This is not related to your cutting stack but it is critically important to building mass. The cutting stack you are using will burn fat and then build muscle but it does require raw material to build your muscle. For this reason, you will have to up your intake of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates to ensure the best results.

As you can see, there are several steroid cutting stacks that you can use to build mass and lose fat. You can choose any of these cycles to suit your personal requirements. We say this because individual bodies tend to differ. A person’s body reacts with a cutting stack in a unique way and the exact amount of fat loss and muscle gain will vary considerably. There is no such thing as the best cutting cycle for any person for this same reason. Ideally, the best cutting cycles are those cycles which ensure that you lose fat cells and gain muscle mass. You can start simple and then move on until you are happy with the results. For more help, you can always write in to us and we will help you out.