Superdrol is a brand name for the common anabolic steroid Methyldrostanolone. This anabolic steroid was created in the 1950s and was never banned as a controlled substance in the United States. In 2005 it hit retail shelves. You can still buy Superdrol online to this day from various international websites. This particular steroid was created in the 1950s around the same time that most steroids were first created. It wasn’t as popular as other anabolic steroids when it was first created because the drug company did not put the marketing budget behind it that other companies were putting behind their steroids.

How it works

Superdrol is both an anabolic and an androgenic steroid. Its anabolic rating is higher than most steroids. While other steroids usually experience a higher androgenic rating when they are very anabolic, this one still has a very androgenic rating. This means that it has pretty solid positive effects on those that take it to build mass without having too many negative side effects. The main thing that has made Superdrol so popular is the grey area that it dances around when it comes to the controlled substance list.

It works by helping the body do two things; enhance protein synthesis and retain nitrogen in the muscles. Protein synthesis helps the muscles recover after every workout. Enhanced protein synthesis can also lead to more stamina during a workout. This means that bodybuilders can work out more often and also lift weights for a longer period of time when they are exercising. The steroid also is very effective at preserving lean muscle tissue in the body. This is why it is so popular for athletes looking for a cutting steroid. Superdrol does all this without too many nasty side effects.

Side Effects

While Superdrol is very mild in its side effects, there still are some negative effects that can come from taking the drug. They are similar to the effects that other steroids have. There can be some cases where mild acne occurs. The substance can also expedite male pattern baldness. Unlike other steroids, Superdrol will not result in water retention. This is another reason that it is such a great cutting steroid. It is a good bulking steroid as well because of the nitrogen retention and stamina increase.

Superdrol is widely used by women to enhance their energy levels. Because it is androgenic (made from a male hormone) it can have some undesired effects on the women who take it. This can include the growing of body hair and a deepened voice. The androgenic nature of this steroid is usually seen more in women than in men proportionally. The most dangerous side effects of Superdrol are probably cardiovascular. You shouldn’t take this steroid if you have had heart issues in the past.

Where to get it

This steroid can be found at websites all over the internet. There are many different sites that have Superdrol for sale in different quantities and in different concentrations. It is important to understand exactly how much of the Superdrol steroid you are buying before you make your purchase. It is also important to not take more than the recommended dose to prevent unwanted side effects.